High Efficacy Color Tuning Technology

Meteor utilizes the latest in flip-chip technology to offer high efficacy Tunable white, Warm Dim and W+RGB Color Tuning solutions. This proprietary patent-pending technology is developed in-house at our labs in California and is a cost-effective solution to all color tuning solutions.

A majority of color tuning projects face the difficulty of cost. This is because conventional methods require specifying several fixtures to attain the desired effect. Our Color Tuning technology costs only 20% per fixture, applied across all color tuning options of Tunable White, Warm Dim and W+RGB.

Tunable White Solutions

On the right is our 6-inch High-Performance cylinder Atria 6 at 100W. The table shows a lumen output of 7555 lm at 2700 K and 8544 lm at 6500 K which showcases a less than 10% efficacy loss between the two color temperatures. This 100W engine is able to perform Tunable White whilst delivering 85 LPW. Our 200W light engine with Tunable White can even deliver up to 90 LPW.


Warm Dim Solutions

Using the same Atria 6, 100W benchmark, our Colorflip Warm Dim solutions can offer a lumen package of up to 6,000 lumens at 3000K, going all the way down to 1900 K, offering instant ambience, replicating the warmth of incandescent style dimming. Our dimming curve matches that of a halogen lamp, giving that crucial natural feel.



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