Whiz 2.0 Product Launch
Architectural High Ceiling Solution

Whiz 2.0 has been in our R&D development plan for over seven years and we have finally brought this innovative fixture to market. Our high demand for excellence is the reason behind this long-awaited launch, giving you even better quality, aesthetics, and performance than our flagship Whiz fixture.

More than that, it has the exact same DN price of the original Whiz at 240W & 300W. We like to call it an Architectural High Bay Fixture because it's just that; sleeker, slimmer and more architectural than it's predecessor.

With a new and improved thermal management heatsink design, the Whiz 2.0 is able to provide 20% more heat dissipation. This is achieved by having built-in airflow gaps and using higher quality LM6 Aluminum that further accentuate this high-performing fixture.

January Sales Call Highlights

Our Regional Managers would like to extend their deepest gratitude for the hospitality and warm welcome they received wherever they visited. It's been a grueling month visiting over 11 states from Alabama, Georgia, Missouri, Kansas, Maryland, Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina, Michigan, Texas, and New York but we're proud to have a chance to showcase our latest Architectural High Bay solution the Whiz 2.0.


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