UL 924 Certified High Ceiling Luminaires

The Flagship Whiz series, which are Architectural High Ceiling luminaires now both have UL 924 listings. This is a new solution for engineers and lighting designers looking for a High Ceiling option to adhere to the latest National Electrical code standards.

Meteor Lighting High Ceiling Luminaires are now UL 924 Certified

We also have 4 more High Ceiling luminaires currently in the application process which will allow us to offer a full line of UL 924 certified fixtures. While other lighting manufacturers are slow to achieve UL924 listings for products that are used as emergency Directly Controlled Luminaires.
We are trying to solve this significant frustration among our customers, more specifically the engineers and lighting designers we talk to everyday who are responsible for designing projects.

Meteor Lighting High Ceiling Luminaires are now UL 924 Certified
Emergency Lighting Controls

ARTICLE 700.24 and 700.2 definitions clearly state that “Where emergency illumination is provided by one or more directly controlled luminaires that respond to an external control input to bypass normal control upon loss of normal power, such luminaires and external bypass controls shall be individually listed for use in emergency systems.

Any lighting fixture that has a 0-10V or digital control input such as DMX-512 and is used in an emergency lighting circuit, must be qualified to UL924. This is to ensure that a light fixture used in an emergency circuit will perform appropriately under emergency conditions.

Meteor Lighting High Ceiling Luminaires are now UL 924 Certified

Designers now looking for lighting solutions that are Aesthetic and Powerful can count on Meteor Lighting to provide UL 924 certified luminaires for High Ceiling lighting. The 5 luminaires have a lumen range from 12,400 – 68,000 lumens and all of them can meet minimum lighting levels and override controls in emergency mode to light the path of egress in the event of an emergency, increasing the safety of occupants.